Little Knights Learning Centers

North Cedar Community School District has been busy this summer with many new exciting changes. One of these changes is the addition to our daycare program in Mechanicsville. Formerly known as “Knights Club” for our school age children only, this program has now expanded into year round daycare with an infant room and toddler room as well. It is such a wonderful thing to be able to offer care for all ages now on both ends of the district. Our Mechanicsville infant and toddler rooms are now accepting new enrollments and still have availability. Our first opening day will be August 26, 2019. Maria Porter is the director for both Lowden and Mechanicsville Little Knights Learning Centers. If you have interests or questions about either one, you may contact her by email or by calling (563) 579.1644.

We will also be offering our 3yr old preschool program through the daycare to give our little ones that extra boost and ease them into the elementary and classroom setting. We hope to have this available for our Mechanicsville side of the district in the near future. The 3yr old preschool program is already in place at Lowden’s Little Knights Learning Center.

Meet Our Staff

Staff Members for Mechanicsville:

Food Service - Nancy Unruh and Marcia Dunston
Daycare Associates - Libby Fortin, Deb Himes, Amanda Kwiatkowski, Jodie Regennitter, Bri Sauer, Robyn Scott, and Nikki Spray.

Staff Members for Lowden:

Onsite Manager – Glenda Leeper
3yr Preschool Teacher – Amy Cerda
Food Service – Janine Fadale
Daycare Associates – Shirley Curley, Jeramie Driver, Pam Jensen, Tina Jones, Whitney Lamaack, Caitlyn Lange, Patricia Tracy, and JoLynn Walter