January Board Meeting Highlights

Each month the North Cedar School Board shares two or three highlights of our monthly board meetings. These takeaways are messages that the board collectively feels are important for the public to know. Here are the highlights from the Jan. 17, 2022, meeting:


  1. Resources for Students and Families. A partnership with Covenant Family Solutions provides a dedicated licensed therapist with services to support student mental health needs. A second partnership with Cedar County Public Health enlists a full-time resource navigator to connect students and families with funding and services that enhance their personal health and social well being. While both programs are in their infancy, participation continues to increase.
  2. Competitive Wages. A study comparing North Cedar’s support staff wages to surrounding school districts was reviewed. The report found that the wages of paraeducators and maintenance staff were slightly below the mean but when additional benefits are factored in the total compensation packages were above the mean. In order to make North Cedar an attractive employer and retain staff, the board felt it’s important to set wages at or slightly above the mean. Future wages and other retention strategies will be discussed at an upcoming board meeting.
  3. With Thanks. The board accepted the retirement of Jr./Sr. High School Principal Mary Bendixen with thanks for her six years of service to the district.


To view the full agenda and attachments of North Cedar School Board meetings, click the Online Board App button at https://www.north-cedar.org/board-of-education/. Meeting minutes are also posted online following each meeting.