December Board Highlights

December Board Meeting Highlights


Each month the North Cedar School Board shares two or three highlights of our monthly board meetings. These takeaways are messages that the board collectively feels are important for the public to know. Here are the highlights from the Dec. 20, 2021, meeting:


  1. With Gratitude. Thank you to outgoing board member Shannon Walshire for four years of service on the North Cedar School Board. She was also recently recognized by the Iowa Association of School Boards for receipt of the Better Boardsmanship Award for involvement in continuing education and events. Congratulations!
  2. Creating A Safe Learning Environment. The board acknowledges the support of community and county law enforcement officers for their presence in the school buildings during the recent national social media school violence threat. The efforts of all district personnel and students for making North Cedar a safe place for student learning on a daily basis is appreciated. The board supports accountability for individuals who perpetrate the threats and social media companies for allowing their platforms to disseminate the information.


To view the full agenda and attachments of North Cedar School Board meetings, click the Online Board App button at Meeting minutes are also posted online following each meeting.