Intro to Business/Lead4Change

Intro to Business fall semester adventured in running a Lead4Change service project to solve a need in our school. After searching and brainstorming for a problem/need to solve at school/in our communities, they settled on helping students academically while traveling on long event bus rides. Almost everyone in the class had experienced having to travel long distances to compete or perform in various events and would like to be able to utilize this time getting homework done or joining classroom zooms and not missing out. So they then contacted Mr. Green, North Cedar Technology Director, for information and pricing on a mobile WiFi hotspot. The class set a monetary goal, asked for donations and did some fundraising to be able to purchase one WiFi hotspot for the school’s transportation department.

Thank you to all who donated toward this project or have participated in their fundraisers. The class is elated to report that they met their goal. This gave Mr. Green the funds to purchase a WiFi hotspot for the transportation department.

This project taught students how to take a leadership role, work as a team, and run a service project somewhat similar to running a business. They had to figure out what were each of their strengths and team role and responsibility, how to raise funds, fundraiser product cost, markup pricing, break even point, startup funding resource, promotions/marketing and who is the target market, packaging, selling techniques, etc. It was a great experience for all the students.

Pictured is Kim Raney, North Cedar Jr/Sr High Technology Assistant, receiving the WiFi system to be used in the transportation department from Blake Chapman. Other course members pictured (l to r) Colhten O’Connell, Blake Chapman, Nathen Potter, Dallas Edmunds, Jaxon Sander, and Aubrie Pruess.