March Board Meeting Highlights

Each month the North Cedar School Board shares two or three highlights of our monthly board meetings. These takeaways are messages that the board collectively feels are important for the public to know. Here are the highlights from the March 15, 2021, meeting:


  1. Sharing Agreements. While faced with enrollment and budget challenges over the last several years, we have entered into several operational sharing agreements with neighboring school districts to share directors and administration. Several existing agreements were extended for another year resulting in salary and benefit savings and state operational sharing incentives of approximately $225,000. These cost savings allow North Cedar to reduce expenses, yet maintain valuable programs for our students. 
  2. Early Retirements Approved. The board approved early retirement requests for Scott Jackson and Jane Koch. We thank both for their years of service to the district and their dedication to our students. 
  3. Possible Athletic Conference Change. We have sent a letter of interest to join the Tri-Rivers Conference. Currently, as a member of the River Valley Conference (RVC), North Cedar has the smallest high school enrollment of our conference peers. If accepted to the Tri-Rivers, we would compete with more similarly-sized schools and be the second largest district in the conference. The change requires approval by the Tri-Rivers and North Cedar boards of directors and could be effective as early as the 2022-23 school year.


To view the full agenda and attachments of North Cedar School Board meetings, click the Online Board App button at Meeting minutes are also posted online following each meeting.