November Board Meeting Highlights

Each month the North Cedar School Board shares two or three highlights of our monthly board meetings. These takeaways are messages that the board collectively feels are important for the public to know. Here are the highlights from the Nov. 15, 2021, meeting:


  1. Supporting Classroom Projects. North Cedar’s Education Foundation recently awarded more than $14,000 in grant funds to 30 projects that will enhance educational and extracurricular opportunities for North Cedar students. The board is extremely grateful for the work of the Foundation as well as the community members who support fundraising initiatives or have established scholarships or other endowed funds.
  2. Math Test Scores. Student math test scores showed improvement in all areas over previous testing periods at the secondary level. Nearly all grades at the elementary level showed higher proficiency that the state averages. Teaching staff will use the latest round of testing data to develop and target individualized and group instruction for students.
  3. Board Policies Online. District board policies are now integrated in the Online Board App system. The new repository for district operational policies allows the public to easily access policies based on their series number, see the latest revision date and search by keywords.


To view the full agenda and attachments of North Cedar School Board meetings, click the Online Board App button at Meeting minutes are also posted online following each meeting.