November Board Meeting Highlights

Each month the North Cedar School Board shares two or three key highlights of our monthly board meetings. These takeaways are messages that the board collectively feels are important for the public to know.

At the November 16, 2020, meeting, it was the overwhelming consensus of the board that we place emphasis on the district’s remote learning plan. Instead of two or three highlights this month, the focus will be on the tremendous effort by district personnel to develop the processes and systems to safely educate our students in a virtual environment amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Remote Learning and COVID-19 Trends
North Cedar students, families, and teachers will have an opportunity to experience virtual learning the two days before and after Thanksgiving break. This trial of remote learning will test the systems and methods that are in place to support online learning should it become necessary as a long-term COVID-19 mitigation strategy. In addition to trialing remote instruction, the break from in-person learning will allow custodial staff to thoroughly sanitize all buildings and reduce potential spread due to a predicted increase in virus activity over Thanksgiving break.

The board commends the North Cedar administration and staff for actively tracking all student and staff illnesses and closely analyzing trends to ensure a safe learning and work environment. Despite a significant uptick in state and county cases, the number of active COVID-19 cases among staff and students at North Cedar remains relatively low (less than five or fewer cases at any one time). Maintaining sufficient healthy staff to sustain in-person learning is a challenge faced by many districts, including North Cedar. We encourage you to do your part to mitigate the spread of the virus with the hope that we can continue to offer in-person instruction. The board agrees that students learn best in a traditional in-person classroom environment.

We realize remote learning presents many challenges for families, and we thank the entire North Cedar community for their cooperation and willingness to adapt and support our students and families.

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