May Board Meeting Highlights

Each month the North Cedar School Board shares a few highlights of our monthly board meetings. These takeaways are messages that the board collectively feels are important for the public to know. Here are the highlights from the May 16, 2022 regular meeting:


  1. Year-End Music Performances. Kudos to all of our Knights from preschool through high school and their directors for wonderful year-end music concerts.
  2. Retirement Best Wishes. The board thanks elementary associate Diane Berry for 23 years of service and secondary principal Mary Bendixen for six years of service to the district. Good luck in retirement!
  3. Contract Negotiations Complete. Both the North Cedar Education Association and district ratified a contract for the 2022-2023 school year. The board appreciates the respectful nature of the negotiations process and looks forward to continuing the positive relationship with the common goal of providing a top notch educational experience for students.
  4. Facilities Review Continues. Feedback received from the district’s Student Improvement Advisory Committee (SIAC) recommended a number of improvements to the Lowden elementary center. The informal analysis conducted by the group identified a need for additional classroom space due to increased lower elementary enrollment, a more secure front entrance, playground fencing, gymnasium improvements, second floor accessibility and a solar project to offset general fund energy expenditures. SIAC made recommendations for the Clarence facility last year and will review the Mechanicsville center later this summer. At the May board meeting, the board agreed to engage OPN Architects to start a formalized process to review facility needs with additional public input, create preliminary drawings and assist with preparations for a potential bond issue. 


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