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One of the benefits of a small school district is that we can immerse ourselves in our community of learners. Get to know the movers and shakers in the North Cedar Community School District! Our News page is chock full of student and staff praise, helpful tips, and information about what’s new in the district.

North Cedar Round-Up

On April 4 and 5, we will hold our preschool and kindergarten round-up for the 2019–2020 school year. Round-up will be at both Lowden and Mechanicsville Elementary buildings. Preschool round-up is on April 4 and kindergarten round-up is on April 5. For complete details, please see our preschool and kindergarten round-up newspaper.

Mechanicsville Elementary PBIS Assembly

Mechanicsville Elementary had a PBIS assembly on Friday, February 8. The students played a lot of games and some received pies. There was also a time for honoring the students. It was a great day!

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    Knight Pride Groups

    On Friday, February 8, Lowden Elementary had Knight Pride groups. During that time, each group had a s'mores snack and worked together to create a recycled snowman. Below are some pictures of them working to build the snowman and enjoying their snack!

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    Third Graders Dissect Owl Pellets

    Lowden third graders recently dissected owl pellets for their science class. Once they got the bones out, they tried to identify the bones and put them together to figure out what animal the owl ate. It was a fascinating lesson for all!

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    Fourth Grade and Fluffernutters

    Fourth grade has been learning about the northeast region of the United States. We learned that fluffernutters were invented in Somerville, Massachusetts, one of the northeastern states. We decided to make them in social studies class as a wrap-up for this region.

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    Mechanicsville Snowmen from Recycled Materials

    Knight Pride's group project for January was to make a snowman out of anything that could be recycled. Mechanicsville's snowmen look great! 

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      Lessons from Martin Luther King, Jr.

      Mrs. Walker's first grade students spent a week learning about the differences between their lives and the way things were when Martin Luther King, Jr. was alive. They shared these new learnings with older students in the building and had great conversations! They are now working to be courageous leaders, just like Martin Luther King, Jr.

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      Knight Pride Project

      For January's Knight Pride project, groups made snowmen out of recycled materials. Check out the ones Mrs. McIntyre's group created.

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      Knights Armor Award

      North Cedar Community School District is offering a way for you to say thank you for the outstanding customer service you received.

      Do you know someone in your school or department who really "gets it" when it comes to exceptional customer service? If so, we want you to recognize them for having a positive impact on students, staff, and parents. We are looking for an employee who has made a special effort on your behalf by performing outstanding service. For more information, and to nominate someone for our Knights ARMOR award, please visit our Knights Armor Award page.

      Fourth Grade T-Shirts

      Ms. McIntyre's fourth grade class made Kool-aid tie-dyed t-shirts. Great job fourth graders!

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      Congratulations Alumni Award Recipients

      We would like to congratulate the 2018–19 North Cedar Alumni Award recipients. We are proud to call you one of our own!

      • Sharon Gutwiler - Stanwood HS Class of 1960, Community Impact Award
      • Suzanne Grimm - Lincoln HS Class of 1982, Achievement Award
      • Merlin Hulse - Clarence HS Class of 1941, Service Award
      • Bruce Lehrman - Lincoln HS Class of 1985, Achievement Award
      • Stan Stolte - Clarence Lowden HS Class of 1980, Athletics Award (represented by his mother, Virjean)
      2018-2019 North Cedar Alumni Award recipients holding their awards
      Thank you!

      We want to give a huge shout out and thank you to Lowden's custodians, Josh and John, for everything they do. We appreciate the both of you so much!

      Lowden custodians, Josh and JohnBulletin board of thank you notes and hearts for Josh and John
        Published Authors

        Mrs. Walker's first grade students in Mechanicsville officially became published authors! They worked through the entire writing process to contribute to their very own class book, and the bound copies recently arrived in the mail. If you see them around, they would love to give you their autographs!

        student holding a book
        Winter Reading Challenge

        Lowden students who brought back their winter reading challenge paper earned a hot chocolate party thanks to KCO! After the party, the students participated in a paper snowball fight in the gym. There were lots of laughs and fun. Thank you to the parents who helped support their student(s) in reading over break.

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          Second Grade Thank You

          Thank you to the North Cedar Foundation for providing second grade with a comfortable rug to read and learn on. Stop by and see it. It is so soft and fluffy!

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          Thank You North Cedar Foundation

          We would like to thank the North Cedar Foundation for helping us add about 150 new books to our library. We truly appreciate it!

          students with a table full of new books in the library

            Lowden Third Graders Jump Into Science

            For part of the Human Body Science unit, Lowden third graders had to jump rope and observe what parts of their bodies move! They are excited to count bones and find out exactly how many bones are in their bodies.

            Photos of third grade jump rope lesson
            Congratulations, Jacob Spahr!

            Based on his exceptionally high score on his Microsoft Office Specialist MOS PowerPoint 2016 certification exam, he has become Iowa’s champion and may compete in Certiport’s 2019 Microsoft Office Specialist U.S. National Championship, if he would like. Congratulations, Jacob!

            Jacob holding a certificate
            Congratulations, Samantha Kremer

            Mrs. Koch is proud to announce that Samantha Kremer has successfully passed the Microsoft Office 2016 Word Specialist Exam. This gives her the right to include this certification on her resume as it is a business industry exam (not a high school exam). Congratulations, Samantha!

            Samantha Kermer holding her certificate